Gold instant coffee

Bockstein has prepared its gold instant coffee that contains high-quality Arabica coffee from selected coffee beans with a more pleasant aroma and taste suited to your palate. Using the “freeze-drying” method for processing Bockstein’s gold instant coffee has resulted in a stronger and purer aroma and taste compared to classic coffees and less caffeine. With Bockstein’s gold instant coffee gain the energy to walk in golden paths.

Product info

Gold instant coffee, your constant companion

Replacing gold instant coffee with other coffee powders is impossible for those who make their coffee with it. That’s why Bockstein’s gold instant coffee is offered in two different packaging: jar and sachet. Jar packaging is suitable and cost-effective for long-term use in your home or office where you are constantly present. Sachet box and single-use packaging of gold instant coffee ensure you that just by having a coffee sachet with you, you can make your luxurious cup of coffee with a unique taste anywhere.